Snow Day

Snow DayAuthor: Billy Coffey

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Release Date: October 2010

Billy Coffey’s first novel takes a look at a day in the life of an ordinary person, his problems, and how he copes with those problems. A highly recommended read for anyone!

Peter is just an ordinary person who is trying to live day to day.  He has a loving wife and two wonderful children.  He never went to college, so he was very happy a few years ago when he was hired on by a local factory that raised his annual income to $50,000.  It was supposed to last his entire career, but now there are layoffs and he only wonders how much longer they will keep him on.  With a dreadful feeling each day when he wakes up, he is surprised one day to find the area covered in deep snow.  Deciding to take the weatherman’s advice, he calls in for a snow day.

Throughout the day, Peter runs meets new acquaintances, old friends, and patches up some past relationships. He begins to shift his focus onto the things that matter and not those that are superficial.  Throughout the day, Peter encounters God and experiences a shift in his life that he didn’t expect.

For his first novel, this book is great. The story is told seamlessly and fun to follow along.  Even though it is not suspenseful, I found myself wanted to start the next chapter to see what was going to unfold next in Peter’s day.  Peter could be anyone of us, really.  The problems that he encounters could happen to anyone.  The same can be said for the reactions that Peter has to other’s problems around us.  Not everyone is this way, but I know a lot of people that would rather just “pray for someone” rather than go actually talk to them and have a conversation with them.  I just found this book to be really enjoyable.

This book is not supernatural in the way that his other novels are. He does receive a message from God, but it is very believable.  The ending of the book also wrapped up very well and left the reader on a happy note.  If you are wanting a good read that will give you a breath of fresh air, this is the book for you.