Merchant of Alyss

Merchant of AlyssAuthor: Thomas Locke

Series: Legends of the Realm #2

Publisher: Revell

Release Date: January 2016

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

The next Legends of the Realm book doesn’t disappoint! With love, loss, and adventure, Locke has another hit on his hands.

After the defeat of the Crimson Mage, Hyam has begun to deal with his lack of magical powers. Even though he has been granted an advisor to the true King, he still feels inadequate.  He copes well with his wife Joelle in their home where they have made many great memoires together.  Then an intruder appears in a storm and attacks the city.  Even though Meda, Captain of the guard, and others hold him off, Hyam knows that this is just the beginning of the Milantian revenge.  Then one morning, Hyam feels power like he has known previously.  He trails it to a trader that has a set of scrolls and one of those scrolls is written in Milantian, but only Hyam can see the writing.  He then determines that they are spells that are able to be cast without using an orb.  After consulting with the Royal council, it is determined that they must take on a quest to put the scrolls in for safekeeping.  Hyam, Joelle, Meda, Shona, and Alembord take off to give the scrolls to the Ashanta banker, but a quest isn’t a quest without danger.  And they find plenty of it.

Thomas Locke set up this new world in Emissary so well that the story just continued right into the Merchant of Alyss.  Although Hyam is still the main character of this book, it really dives into more of Shona’s story.  The first book was split between the stories of Hyam and Joelle, but this one really excludes more of Joelle.  However, there is a reason for that which the reader will have to find out about.  There are lots of new characters in this book that continue to develop the world that is read about.

As with Emissary, Locke does a great job by describing the scenes so that you are able to walk alongside the group as they travel.  He even takes you to a mythical island that includes dragons, but not in the way that you might think.  Overall, if I had one complaint about the book, I would have to say it occurred with the overall problem with the dragons and the Milantians.  I just felt there was a tremendous amount of expense built up and then it sort of petered out.  Even so, I really enjoyed the book.  Although one of the main characters is killed off and another is not doing so well at the end of the book.  That just makes me even more ready for the next installment.

What a great way to close out the year.