Hidden Agenda

Hidden AgendaAuthor: Lisa Harris

Series: Southern Crimes #3

Publisher: Revell

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

The last book in the Southern Crimes series brings everything full circle and pleasantly closes the story, even if it is a little predictable at times.

After being presumed dead by everyone in his life for the last eight months Michal Hunt is alive, but barely. He is about to be killed by the man who he has been working while undercover.  The only chance he has to stay alive is to trust the two people that come to his rescue, Olivia and Ivan, the children of the man who wants him dead.  They claim to know nothing of their father’s true nature and are just trying to do the right thing by helping him escape.  The last thing he expected was to fall for Olivia.  With a hit out on his life from the cartel and corruption inside the police department, all of their lives are now in danger and Michael isn’t sure who to turn to for help.  It is a race against time to try and keep themselves alive and stop what the Cartel has planned.

The last book in the Southern Crimes series focusing on Michael Hunt. A big part of the first book with his sister Avery’s pursuit into his death. Things are tied up nicely bringing all three books to a close.  Each book focused on a different member of the Hunt family and a problem they had to deal with.  In books one and two we see Avery and Emily and how strong they have to be in the crisis they face.  Here I felt like Michael, who should have been strong seemed very weak to me.  Yes, he was hurt at the beginning which carried throughout the story but still, it took Olivia, Ivan and a whole slew of others to help him stop all that was about to happen.

The story itself was fast paced without many flaws, but nothing really stands out as making it super memorable. The characters in this book, unlike Fatal Exchange, didn’t stand out to me as relatable or even that intriguing.  A cartel leader and an undercover cop who is supposed to be dead should have been enough to intrigue me, but for some reason it wasn’t.  I did enjoy Ivan being deaf but wish it would have been played up more, with him reading lips and speaking clearly it was almost as if he wasn’t deaf at all.  Other than a scene at the end, him being deaf could have been totally omitted and not affected the story at all.

Lisa Harris did a good job with the series that keeps you reading and wanting more, but not feeling totally satisfied at the end.