Dangerous Passage

Dangerous PassageAuthor: Lisa Harris

Series: Southern Crimes #1

Publisher: Revell

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

A high paced thriller that starts off slow but quickly catches up.

When two Jane Does are killed on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, detective and behavioral specialist Avery North discovers they share something in common–a tattoo of a magnolia on their shoulders. Suspecting a serial killer, Avery joins forces with medical examiner Jackson Bryant to solve the crimes and prevent another murder. But it doesn’t take long for them to realize that there is much more to the case than meets the eye. As they venture deep into a sinister world of human trafficking, Avery and Jackson are taken to the very edge of their abilities–and their hearts.

Dangerous Passage is a good read and reminds me a lot of the writing of Janice Cantore. This story was well written and kept me engaged throughout. I was very curious to see what twist would be developed as well as whether some of the relationships teased at the beginning would fizzle out or continue to develop.  A few times in the story I found myself a little confused at what was happening but after giving it a few pages it leveled out and brought the story back into perspective.  It was never enough to take me out of the story.

I enjoyed the fact that Avery North was a strong female lead but also not afraid to show a vulnerable side. Throughout the book she let the men who cared about her show that and be there to help protect her in a time of need. There are several mysteries still left unsolved that I hope to see resolved in the next in the series, especially what happened to Avery’s brother.  I am sure there is another great mystery there.

Overall the novel was a good read and even though I found a few flaws it didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the story.