Top Contemporary for 2019

It’s time to release our top picks for the contemporary category.  This category has stories set in modern times that focus on realistic fiction.  Any of these books are all around great reads, which is why we couldn’t narrow it to five!

how the light gets in

  1. 1Th
  2. 1. How the Light Gets In by Jolina Petersheim

This modern day retelling of the bibilcal story of Ruth is simply phenomenal.  There is so much raw emotion in this book that every reader will be affected.  However, we must warn you that there is a controversial ending that has left many readers unsettled.

Read the full review here.






2. Unscripted by Davis Bunn

This was easily one of our favorite stories of the entire tire.  This fun and easy read boasts some great character growth and Bunn’s trademark ability to engage the reader within the first paragraph.

Read the full review here.






3. Off-Script and Over-Caffeinated by Kaley Rhea and Rhonda Rhea

This book may have just released but it was such a fun read that it quickly worked its way up our ranks.  When the Rheas get together to write a book, you know it’s going to be fun, witty, and good.

Read the full review here.




Last Summer


4. Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale

Lonsdale is no stranger to our annual top contemporary selections.  Last Summer took us for one crazy ride that will keep readers heads spinning to the last page trying to figure out what actually happened.  She has created some devious characters in the past and this story is no exception.

Read the full review here.



Luis Velez


5. Have You Seen Luis Velez? by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Every single novel we’ve read by Catherine Ryan Hyde pulls us in further and shows that she is one of the best at crafting a story that pulls at readers’ heartstrings and character relationships that very few other authors could pull off.

Read the full review here.



Glitter of Gold


5. A Glitter of Gold by Liz Johnson

Johnson has a way of developing flawed characters that readers can easily relate to.  Set against the backdrop of picturesque Savannah, Georgia, its easy to get lost in the folklore of this story.  Oh, and there be pirates!

Read the full review here.






6. Brunch at Bittersweet Café by Carla Laureano

A sweet savory treat that will leave the reader’s palate thirsting for more of this scrumptious tale.

Read the full review here.

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